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On this week's Person of Interest…

The Machine comes up with four social security numbers.

Each of the four are connected to witnessing a car crash. The victim of the crash was the son of a wealthy congressman who was investigating a powerful bank corporation.

The witness discover one million dollars in the car and choose to split it equally. Killers are sent to retrieve the money and dispatch of the witnesses.

The congressman turns out to be in league with the bank owner in creating a fake charity and gaining large sums of money for themselves.

While two of the witnesses are killed, Reese manages to save the other two, foster sisters, and lets them take the rest of the money to help their grandmother.

Meanwhile, Detective Carter is in hot water for communicating with Reese and the possibility that she is helping him.

A couple of CIA men explain his killing past and use her to get to Reese. Reese is shot and before he can escape with Finch, Carter stops him. She then decides to help the two get away.

Person of Interest
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