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On the season finale of Person of Interest…

Root and Finch try and track down the location of the Machine.

Reese and Shaw must save a few person of interests on their way to rescuing Finch and stopping Root.

After finally discovering the location of the Machine, Finch and Root discover that the Machine has moved itself. Turns out, Finch had installed a virus to allow the Machine to save itself in case of the forced shutdown and restart. The Machine is now in control of itself.

The government try and tell Finch to build a new Machine, but he, Reese, Shaw, and Root escape. The CIA operative kills everyone in the room before reporting back to a mysterious woman.

Flashbacks reveal that Nathan Ingram was killed by the government after they learned he was going to tell all about the Machine. Fearing Grace to be in danger, Finch hides from her allowing him to believe that he died. He learned that the Machine knew Nathan's fate.

The Machine makes a call to Reese and Finch, the mysterious woman, and Root in the hospital.

Carter, trying to get out from being framed, is forced to stop HR from killing Elias. She saves him.

Person of Interest
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