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On this week's episode of Person of Interest...

A number comes up for a Brazilian diplomat's daughter named Sophia.

Reese becomes her new body guard while Finch stays in the library for computer support.

Finch grows to like Bear, but his kidnapping by Root has affected him.

At first, Reese believes that Sophia is the target of a potential political assassination after he learns that her father will be running for president.

Rather, she was a witness of a murder involving the 14th Street Mafia and a drug dealer. Turns out, Sophia's boyfriend was the supplier and in order to tie up lose ends needed her killed.

Fusco manages to stop the killer for a second before Reese plows his SUV into the killer.

Carter, looking into the Alicia Corwin case, runs into Agent Snow, the man that had been hunting Reese.

The assassin from the premiere episode retrieved something from Corwin's body.

Cara, Reese's old partner, has forced Agent Snow to wear a bomb, while she continues to figure out why she and Reese were set up.

Reese manages to get Finch out of the library and out for a drink.

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Person of Interest Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

There are two men watching us and I'm about to introduce myself.


Finch, I think Sophia is gonna need a new body guard.