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On this week's Person of Interest…

Agent Donnelly and Carter attempt to interrogate the four captured suspects to figure out which one is the real "Man in the Suit."

The assassin that was hunting the "Man in the Suit" lets himself be imprisoned in order to kill him.

Reese meets with Elias who helps him.

Carter learns about Reese's past and his former love, while flashbacks reveal Reese's incomplete devotion to killing while working with his CIA partner, Kara.

Finch prepares to break Reese from prison, but Carter manages to get one of the other suspects to reveal his true background.

Finch also assigns Fusco to save a supermodel from a group of Armenians.

Reese is freed, but Donnelly follows Carter and learns that she lied. He captures both of them.

Finch receives Donnelly's number from the Machine. Donnelly's SUV is rammed by a truck and Kara, Reese's former partner, kills Donnelly. She then knocks out Reese.

Person of Interest
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