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On this week's episode of Person of Interest...

An enforcer for the Irish mob named Riley has his number come up.

At first Reese and Finch believe he is a the perp, but learn that he is protecting a young woman named Annie.

Riley is betrayed by the mob and he is forced to kill the boss' son.

Reese attempts to follow both of them in order to protect them, but the boss puts a million dollar hit out on the two.

Finch goes to see Elias in prison in order to prevent the hit. Elias agrees but only if Finch will play chess with him.

Reese learns that Riley had killed Annie's husband after he stole from the mob, and was sent to keep tabs on her after. He fell for her.

Annie is captured by a bounty hunter and Reese and Riley manage to save her. Riley kills the mob boss but is then killed by the bounty hunter.

Reese sees Annie off letting her know that he was able to change because of her.

Reese takes care of the bounty hunter.

Person of Interest
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Person of Interest Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

She just became his next target... and he just became mine.


Reese: I'm going in.
Finch: Something happening?
Reese: Yeah, lunch.