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On this week's Person of Interest...

After Carter’s death and her funeral, Reese and Shaw attempt to find her killer, Simmons.

Reese, continuing to lose blood storms the location of Alonzo Quinn, who knows Simmons whereabouts.

Finch reluctantly frees Root so she can talk with the Machine and rescue Reese before he dies.

Reese is ready to kill Quinn, and Finch reminds him that Carter wouldn’t want that.

Finch, Shaw and Root take Reese back so he can recover.

Fusco finds Simmons, fights him and arrests him. He refuses to kill him.

While in custody in the hospital, Simmons is met by Elias. He decides to have him killed for Carter.

Root willingly returns to her cage and warns that something big is coming.

Person of Interest
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Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

We're out of options. We need Root.


Does survivor's guilt pass when everything that has happened actually is, in fact, your fault?