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On this episode of Person of Interest…

Reese takes Fusco to track down Elias after his number and Dominic’s comes up.

The Brotherhood arrives and tortures Elias, Reese and Fusco. Dominic wants to know who their boss is and he wants Elias to help him.

Elias tricks Dominic into thinking there’s a mole in his crew, and he kills Link.

Finch and Root track down the location of Shaw’s phone call and discover the headquarters of Samaritan.

Root fights some Samaritan agents, even killing one, but she and Finch are captured.

Samaritan makes a deal with the Machine to trade Root and Finch for its location.

The Machine agrees and saves them.

Control discovers that Samaritan is planning an attack, a “correction.”

Person of Interest
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Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 21 Quotes

I took a trip to the mountains and I saw an old friend. She reminded me of what I've been missing.


Time to end this war.