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On the season premiere of Person of Interest…

Greer and Samaritan continue to rule, but their hunt for the POI team is still ongoing.

Shaw works as a makeup-counter girl, Reese is a narcotics cop, Finch is a professor and Root seems to be doing whatever she wants.

Reese still wants to save the world, willing to risk it all after he gets a number of an Egyptian storekeep who happens to be running technology for the Brotherhood on the side.

After his son is kidnapped, Reese recruits Shaw and Elias to help him take them and their drug house down.

Finch eventually decides to help his friend out.

A mysterious globetrotting woman, who killed someone who knew about the Machine, arrives after the bust up.

Reese becomes Fusco’s new partner.

Shaw goes on a date, only to become her date’s wheel man.

Finch receives a code that leads him to a secret location, a possible new hideout.

Person of Interest
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