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On this episode of Person of Interest…

After Reese and Fusco save a suicidal man, Reese is assigned to desk duty.

Reese also is assigned to meet with a therapist after his sixth shooting. He eventually reveals why he feels he has to save people.

Shaw is tasked to check up on the new number, Simon, a numbers man connected to an election campaign.

Except, Samaritan rigs the election to put who it wants in power.

Simon knows its rigged and becomes a threat to Samaritan, which sends its asset to hunt him down and kill him.

The POI team, teaming up with Root, try and save Simon without him ever knowing they are there, also so Samaritan doesn’t know they are there.

Flashbacks reveal Finch’s troubles with the first versions of the Machine, while stating that he is worried about the war of the Machine and Samaritan.

Simon is saved but at the cost of being told his conspiracy theory is wrong.

Greer asks Samaritan what to do next, which is find the Machine.

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Sometimes it's better not to know.