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On this episode of Person of Interest..

A gunshot sound analyst tries to track down a woman he knows was probably killed.

The woman turns out to have research that Samaritan deems dangerous, and therefore wants to keep secret, thus making the analyst a threat.

Root manages to get the hard drive with the research and she and Finch agree to publish it. It deems the analyst no longer a major threat.

Reese is captured by Bruce Moran, a friend of Elias.

Fusco is determined to find his friend and send the police on course to find him.

Bruce learns that Elias is alive.

Reese thanks Fusco for searching for him.

Fusco wants to keep digging, determined for answers the POI team won’t give him.

Fusco is on Samaritan’s target list.

Finch has set up a simulation in which the Machine goes against Samaritan. It has lost every single time.

Person of Interest
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Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

There's something going on right now, and I'm going to investigate it with or without the nerd herd.


Don't worry. If there's trouble on the playground, I'll push first.