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On this episode of Person of Interest…

Finch goes to a cafe he had taken Grace on a date, and it blows his cover.

Samaritan sends its agents after Finch, and Finch’s number comes up.

Root wants Finch to unleash the Machine, but he still has reservations. Though he does agree to let it pick a voice.

The team tries to protect Finch, but Elias is killed in the process.

Finch is briefly captured, and Greer says that Finch will work for Samaritan.

Finch is rescued, and Root takes him away.

A Samaritan agent tries to shoot Finch, but Root manages to take the bullet for him.

Finch is arrested, and Root dies.

Finch decides to stop playing by the rules and threatens to come after and kill Samaritan.

The Machine picks Root’s voice for its own.

Finch has the Machine cut the power to the prison, unleashing the prisoners from their cells.

Reese and Root realize Finch’s number came up because of what he might do going forward.

Person of Interest
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