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On this episode of Person of Interest…

Finch gives Reese a number involving a private sector worker looking for information about his brother’s death.

Reese discovers the CIA and his former boss is after Duncan.

Turns out, the brother was on an off-the-books mission to give weapons to U.S. allies, but ones that weren’t supposed to be given, before going rogue, stealing the supplies and getting his own cut.

Reese and Kara were hired to take care of it, but Reese later learned why the CIA wanted to keep it all a secret.

Reese lies and says that the brother was innocent in order for Duncan to let go and move on.

Reese decides that he will always be fighting the fight and chooses to break up with Iris.

Root and Finch discover Samaritan putting spyware into technology, and the two try and understand its goal.

Finch also gets a message from the Machine about change.

Person of Interest
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