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  • Elaine returns to the US after her weeks long international trip with a plan for her presidential campaign.
  • TJ has a sober partner with him and is 3 weeks sober for his club's opening. He is excited to share it with his entire family.
  • Doug and Susan continue their partnership and realize their careers both depend on Elaine winning re-election.
  • Georgia interviews Anne, who lets it slip that Elaine is running against Garcetti. Susan is tipped off by Doug and tries to stop Georgia from running her blog post. Georgia agrees but only if Susan shares the byline on the breaking story. After convincing by Doug, Susan agrees.
  • Prior to TJ's club opening, his father says he can't go and support TJ. Elaine gets upset at TJ as well and the whole family decides not to attend.
  • In flashbacks, TJ had a relationship with a married, Republican Senator. When the Senator is blackmailed for his vote because of the relationship, he breaks up with TJ. That led to his initial suicide attempt. After feeling betrayed for his family, he overdoses on cocaine and is found by his father.
  • On the political front, a Chinese submarine sinks near the US shore with 100 men on board. Elaine wants to save them, first by tipping off the Chinese. When they won't do anything, she wants the US military to save them. Garcetti refuses. Elaine decides to go to Garcetti and force him. She declares that she is going to run against him. And, their parting act will be to work together to save the Chinese submariners.
Political Animals
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