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Candy decides to compete in a walk for the hall's more voluptuous attendees and gets publicly humiliated. Angel attempts to comfort her, but in the end, just reminds Candy of how much she doesn't pass. To feel more whole and like a woman, Candy shops around for silicone injections, in hopes that she can get a more curvy look. When she's offered a cheaper deal by a shady supplier, she takes it, but the magic only seems to last for a night when signs of potentially deadly infection appear.

Elektra is on her own mission to become the woman she is. After her "sugar daddy" Dick shows back up, she explains to him her own plans to get surgery. He, however, is strongly against it and even threatens to abandon her if she goes through with it -- despite it being something Elektra really truly wants. Feeling forced to choose between who she is and living safely and comfortably, Elektra competes against another younger woman who has gone through with the surgery and hasn't looked back. She is the final push Elektra needs to make her decision.

Angel has some man problems of her own, with Candy's issues seemingly running into her personal relationship. After helping Candy work through her decision to get injections, Angel begins to seriously consider it herself. Especially when Stan can't seem to get it up during sex. Already feeling like she's an afterthought, Angel throws Stan out of her apartment.

Meanwhile, when Blanca learns that Damon had unprotected sex at one time with Ricky, she begins to think more of Damon's sudden fever. She turns to Pray, who stopped getting tested after a partner got sick, to help encourage the boys to make sure they're clean and healthy. The event is terrifying, but all of Blanca's children come out negative. Unfortunately, Pray learns that he's positive, and the diagnosis shatters both him and Blanca.


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Pose Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Angel: You got another?
Candy: You come to rub salt in my wounds?
Angel: No.
Candy: I don't need your sympathy.
Angel: Why you gotta be like this? I'm comin' out here tryin' to be friendly and you actin' like I got some type of alterior motive. Just because we in different houses doesn't mean I don't got feelings for you when you get clocked like that. We all been there.
Candy: Not you. You pass. The most out of any bitch in that place.

Elektra: You have helped me live my dreams.
Dick: So then why would you want to change what we have? Do you understand how weird this is? Now, when I met you, you were dancing for chasers for dollars in that cum-stained shithole that I took you out of. And I gave you a life -- look at me. And I gave you a life, a real life, and now you repay me this way?
Elektra: I'm 40-years-old, Dick, and I see things as they are, too. You think I'm not aware that you'll trade me in for some young knock-off one day. That is why I must do this. For me. For my future.
Dick: Well, if that future involves this procedure, it obviously doesn't include me.