On Pose Season 1 Episode 2, Blanca fights to be served at a transphobic gay bar after she beats Elektra in a major ball category.

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To celebrate her first win against Elektra and the House of Abundance, Blanca goes to a well known gay bar, where she faces transphobia at the hands of predominantly gay white men. Unwilling to let the incident go, Blanca makes it her mission to return to the bar and be served. When she does, the cops are called, and she lands in jail. Elektra uses her passability – and monthly allowance – to get Blanca out on one condition: they battle again for the legendary title. They do, and Elektra reclaims her crown. Meanwhile, at the ball, Damon meets the attractive and charming Ricky. Damon's first foray into the world of dating, he and Ricky hang out before making formal date plans. However, Damon puts his second evening with Ricky on hold to attend his very first ballet, courtesy of his school dance instructor.

The experience opens Damon's eyes to his potential future but causes a rift with Ricky, who feels left behind. Eventually, Damon is able to convince Ricky he's serious about their relationship, taking him to a ballet performance for the second date. Across town, Stan and Patty get into a fight about finances. While discussing it with his boss, Matt, it's revealed that Stan is having an affair. Matt makes a deal with Stan, agreeing to get Patty the dishwasher if Stan is willing to work extra hours.

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On Pose Season 1 Episode 2, Blanca goes toe-to-toe with a bar refusing to serve her as Damon navigates his first foray into the dating world.

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Pose Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Ricky: You wanna go grab a slice or somethin'? On me.
Damon: You mean like a date?
Ricky: I mean, I'm smart, and cute, and cute, and I smell good. You could do a lot worse.
Damon: Okay, but... can we go sit at dinner and talk first? I mean, isn't that what you're supposed to do on a date?

Blanca: Did your daddy ever give you the talk?
Damon: The talk?
Blanca: The birds and the bees.
Damon: Yeah, he did. It was really awful. He was sayin' all this stuff about women's anatomy, and things like that. The whole time I was thinking this is not the information I need to get. Like sweet baby Jesus, this is not helping me. But I couldn't ask him the questions I really wanted to know, which was about what men to together and stuff. Or I'd be found out. I was afraid he'd kill me.
Blanca: Well, here's what no one will tell you but me. Gay life is hard. Here.
Damon: I don't need these. I don't plan on having sex with Ricky.
Blanca: Oh child, no one ever plans on having sex. And I can't be your mother and your conscience. I'm not always going to be here to protect you. You are a good looking young man. And soon, you are going to want to start exploring. But you gotta make smart choices.