Blanca and Elektra's houses begin to fall apart as Lulu and Candy team up and Stan realizes he doesn't fit into Angel's world in Pose Season 1 Episode 7.

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Elektra reveals her gender confirmation surgery to her lover and he throws her out. She returns to her children in a rampage before they uncover she saved no money and no longer has any means of supporting them. Realizing they'll have nowhere to go, they leave her to find a way out on her own. Elektra doesn't believe he lover has abandoned her until she's thrown out of his hotel. Scrambling to find a means of support, she realizes men only wanted her for what she no longer has. Needing to keep the lights on, she takes a job at the Peep Show.

Lulu and Candy decide to create their own house as co-mothers, pulling in some of the best ball talent around and threatening to unseat Blanca. Papi joins their house after Blanca kicks him out following her confirmed suspicions that he's dealing. When Ricky reveals what Papi's been doing, Blanca goes to the piers, where he reveals why he lied to her before pushing her away.

Blanca throws him out and he goes back to his drug-dealing family, before getting arrested. Remembering that Blanca said don't make her his one call, he is released from custody and joins House of Ferocity. Blanca eventually regrets her decision when she sees how it emotionally messes with her children, but Papi by then Papi has moved on.

Angel tries to build a life with Stan in a shared apartment, but when he goes with her to a ball competition, he feels too much like an outsider. Unable to fit in, Stan tells Angel that he does love her, but that he can't be real like her and eventually goes back to Patty. Angel leaves the Peep Show and returns to working the streets.

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On Pose Season 1 Episode 7, Elektra rethinks her means of survival and Blanca makes a startling revelation about Lil Papi that changes the House of Evangelista.

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