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Tasha meets with Davis and Paula to discuss the kingpin case, and she continues to lie about Tommy helping her kill Ghost.

Tariq has a rough first day in his accelerated class.

Davis asks Tariq to deliver Ghost’s eulogy and light him up to taint Ghost’s legacy, but Simon Stern informs him that it would be a bad idea as he needs him to help Ghost’s image.

Davis and Paula work on establishing the case as political and trying to prove that Saxe has a bigger plan, while Saxe is tasked with bringing Tasha down.

Carrie organizes a vigil for Ghost as a means to lend Tariq support, which catches Tariq off-guard.

Tariq has dinner with the Tejada’s, which is interrupted by a family member, Uncle Frank. He reports that he was let out of prison early. While on the way back to school, Cane threatens Tariq to stay quiet and tells Cane that Frank is a rat.

Monet tells Zeke to get her more information on Tariq.

Davis alleges prosecutorial misconduct against the US Attorney’s office, but the judge denies Davis’s motion to dismiss the case.

Tariq gives the eulogy for Ghost and decides to be honest rather than praise him or bash him.

kills his Uncle Frank and disposes of the body.

Tariq asks Diana to ask her father with help getting Tasha a friend inside so she can move currency.

Power Book II: Ghost
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Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Davis: Hey, we need you to deliver his eulogy tomorrow. And blow his ass up.
Tariq: With him right there in the ground?
Davis: It's his legacy or your Mom's life, kid? Get some balls.

Paula: So, your husband was Ghost? The FEDS could never prove that.
Tasha: Yes. My husband, James St. Patrick, was Ghost. A criminal, kingpin, drug dealing motherfucker. Tommy, too.