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After Lorenzo gets Monet a meeting with Rico, she kills him.

Carrie and Jabari meet with Everett who tells them about the night Zeke got jumped. Later, Zeke goes to Carrie and worries about being tied to the pool murder. Carrie tells him not to go to his family and promises to protect him.

Tariq is called to the stand, and he tells the court about Saxe being at Truth the night of Ghost’s death, as well as following him to Ghost’s grave and having him drugged. Ott steps in and brokers a deal for Tasha to get her released and placed into witness protection in exchange for ratting on Tommy.

Once freed, Tasha goes to Monet and asks to buy Tariq out of her business. They are then shot at by Tommy.

Tasha tries to get Tariq to run but he formulates a plan. After meeting with Tommy, the plan is for Tommy to fake his death after a car chase with the FBI, which works.

Jabari tells Tariq that he knows about his involvement with the Tejada’s and the drug business and offers him money in exchange for letting him write a book about him. Later, Tariq reaches out to Jabari to accept and asks for money upfront. At the meeting, Cane ambushes them and shoots Jabari.

Tariq comes up with a plan to frame Jabari’s murder on Ramirez, and he shoots Jabari dead.

Tariq meets Tasha at the graveyard, seemingly to run away with her. But the FBI shows up at Tariq’s request to take her to witness protection. Tommy, having been there to kill Tasha, comes upon Tariq but is stopped by Monet.

Tommy leaves vowing to still hunt Tasha. And Tariq leaves with the Tejada’s.

Power Book II: Ghost
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Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Everett: Are they going to get in trouble? Zeke, I mean.
Jabari: Look, we're just trying to get to the bottom of this, okay. Zeke's gonna be fine.

Now we good. Bitch.

Monet [to Rico]