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Tasha dreams about celebrating Tariq’s 18th birthday and Raina shows up.

Saxe begs Tameka not to take the stand during his recusal hearing. He then reminds Tariq that it will implicate him as being at Truth that night if Tameka testifies.

Monet confronts Tariq about who the man Dru sketched is, but he says he doesn’t know.

Saxe implores Riley to continue observing Tariq and reporting back to him.

Tasha sends Tariq to Tameka’s house and tells him to find a way to keep her off the stand. He brings a gun with him but is scared away when Davis shows up.

Brayden throws Tariq a birthday party, which he doesn’t want, and Tariq accidentally drinks a spiked drink that Riley made for Brayden. He passes out while talking to Lauren, and once she leaves, Riley takes Tariq’s phone and shares his location to her phone. She gives that information to Saxe.

After coming to, Tariq runs into Diana on his way out of the party, and she takes his gun off him without him knowing.

Zeke runs into Carrie out to dinner, and the two hook up in the bathroom.

With Riley’s help, Saxe tracks Tariq to the cemetery, where he’s visiting Raina and Ghost. Tariq admits out loud to killing Ghost, and Saxe gets him on video.

Brayden’s brother breaks into Tariq and Brayden’s dorm and steals their product.

Davis goes to Saxe and attempts to make a deal, but Saxe then shows him Tariq’s confession. The two decide to go to trial as a means to free Tasha and put Tariq in jail.

Power Book II: Ghost
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Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Cooper, if I get on that stand, you are fucked. You have to stop this train before it runs you off the tracks.


Saxe: Tameka, please don't do this. You'll ruin my life!
Tameka: It's not your life I'm concerned about.