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Tariq meets with Stern’s husband and discusses creating a tutoring app that will double as a front to move product. They agree not to tell Stern about their arrangement.

Tasha tells Tariq to find a gun to protect himself.

When a fellowship opportunity comes up, Lauren fights for it and arranges a dinner with her parents, Jabari, Carrie, and Tariq. After Lauren and Tariq share a kiss, her boyfriend shows up.

Monet sends Dru to Stansfield to spy on Tariq and figure out how he’s selling product, but he gets distracted by a fellow student. He later has Diana bring up extra product to Tariq, and the two share a kiss.

Davis files a motion for Saxe to recuse himself from the case, and he calls Blanc and Tate to the stand. They both end up doing more harm than good for Davis’s case. He eventually subpoenas Tameka as a last resort.

Saxe has his niece, Riley, spy on Tariq at a campus party. At the party, Tariq sets up a fight between the other prominent drug dealer on campus and Brayden, which ends in the other drug dealer getting suspended.

Power Book II: Ghost
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Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Davis: We got a problem?
Tariq: What am I paying you for? Cuz from what I heard you're playing make believe spending my money on a fake ass trial.
Davis: Okay, look. The mock trial was an experiment. Now we know not to put your mom on the stand. Ever.

Tasha: You need to go get a gun. Right now.
Tariq: Where the hell am I gonna get a gun? Anyone I could ask right now is gone. Kanan, Dre, Tommy...Dad.