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Tasha has her arraignment for Ghost's murder, and her attorney, Tameka, wants her to admit to the murder. After her bail gets declined, Tameka is able to get a plea agreement that will get her probation.

Tariq starts classes at Stansfield, and due to his late arrival, he is tasked with rooming with a basketball player, Zeke, and helping tutor him. He attempts to get into a prestigious program that will allow him to graduate earlier.

After refusing to implicate Tariq, and lying about Dre being the shooter, Tasha fires Tameka and loses her plea deal.

In order to hire a new lawyer, Tariq has to make money, and he enlists the help of one of the mom's from Tasha's old daycare business to move product for him. With the extra money, he hires Davis McClean.

Tariq fails his first interview for Stansfield's program after he fails to read the assigned book. With the aid of the Democratic Party, < P> Mak approaches Saxe with bringing Kingpin Statue charges against Tasha.

Zeke takes Tariq to his aunt's house where there's a party in his honor. He meets the Tejada's, lead by Zeka's Aunt Monet, where there is an altercation with her son and a partygoer.

Tariq gets another meeting with his professors and is accepted into the program.

Saxe tells Tariq that Tasha has to tell the truth and confirm the real person who shot Ghost, and they will all be able to free her.

In court, Tasha names Tommy as the shooter, which triggers the Kingpin charges.

Power Book II: Ghost
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Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Carrie: You just got here. Why are you in such a hurry to leave?
Tariq: I have to help my grandmother with my baby sister. I have to help my family.

Simon: Why, Tariq, I had almost given up hope. Is your watch stopped?
Ida: Young African-Americans have a responsibility to be prompt, young man. We must subvert expectations whenever possible.
Tariq: Yes, ma'am. I apologize. I had a family emergency.
Simon: Yeah, well I guess you have thee family emergency these days, don't you? He really is remarkably resilient, wouldn't you say, Ida?