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Opening statements begin for Tariq’s trial, and Davis and Saxe discover that the prosecution has a recording of Tariq that will show his had motive to kill Jabari. They get permission to hear the recording but are forbidden from sharing it with Tariq.

Effie and Brayden attempt to get product for Course Correct, but the cocaine is no good. Later, Tariq comes up with a plan to score product with the help of Tariq and Cane.

Diana overhears Monet talking to Mecca, and after finding Zeke’s baby picture in her drawer, she looks into his birth records.

Jenny tells Lauren that she has to testify against Tariq.

Tariq comes up with a plan to rob the connect and blame the DTG. Knowing that Mecca has a diamond at his house, they also decide to rob his house.

Davis leaves his office, and Tariq listens to the tape of him and Lauren. Later, he tells Carrie that she should testify in place of Lauren since she manipulated her. Carrie agrees and goes on the stand, where Davis blows up her spot and reveals all her connections to the case through her sexual history.

After there is a power outage at the apartment building, Mecca gets a call from his people that the hangar with the product has been hit. He and Cane head out there while Brayden distracts the front desk of the apartment building and Dru, Effie, and Guap slip inside.

Dru kills Guap before they get to the penthouse, and he is able to secure the diamond but is stuck inside when Chef arrives. Cane gets there before Chef finds Dru, and he is able to escape.

At family dinner that night, all the Tejada secrets come out, including Monet being Zeke’s birth mother. Lorenzo asks her to leave the house, and she does, searching for Zeke. She looks for him at Carrie’s home, though he is not there.

Later, Zeka goes to Carrie’s apartment and finds a body hanging.

Power Book II: Ghost
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Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Mecca: You can't ignore what we have together, Nae-Nae.
Monet: Had together, Dante. You still acting like I'm the same broke-ass bitch that you first met. If you knew me now you would know that I mean what I say, and I don't play games.

If you really want to save your sister, I suggest you start by saving yourself.

Warren [to Tariq]