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Tariq is called to the police station where Yas is held after Estelle was arrested on a DUI. Yas is then taken into foster care.

Mecca summons Cane to his house, where he decides to give him a trial run. But when LG shows up unexpectedly, having followed Cane, Mecca reneges his offer and breaks LG’s fingers.

Saxe is able to get Estelle released before her trial, while Tariq goes to Davis for help in getting Yas out of foster care. He tells him to find someone with influence.

Tate joins the canonical studies program, teaching alongside Carrie. Meanwhile, Whitman goes to Carrie’s sponsor and asks about Carrie.

Zeke announces he’s going pro.

Whitman talks to Tariq about Jabari, and Tariq tells him about an argument he witnessed between Jabari and Carrie.

Brayden gives Effie the product from Monet to sell, but the coke has been switched with sugar, and Effie and Brayden get into a fight over it. Later, Tariq and Diana meet up to discuss, and Diana tells Monet about the product, and she assumes Rico did it.

Cane and Dru go to the gun range, and Cane tells him that he found a new connect.

Carrie tells Whitman that she was with Zeke the night of Jabari’s death.

After talking with Lorenzo, Monet tells Cane to come home.

Cane goes to Mecca with Monet’s product, admitting that he switched the coke with sugar.

Davis goes to Carrie and offers to help her, while Whitman picks up Zeke for questioning.

Monet meets with Mecca, whom she knows as Dante, and it’s revealed that the two have history.

Power Book II: Ghost
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Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Saxe: I promise you, Tariq. This is the best possible outcome of this situation.
Tariq: Yeah. Not so big on your promises, man.
Davis: He’s right, Tariq. As much as I hate to say it, even I couldn’t have pulled that off. Sometimes you just need a white guy.
Saxe: Thank you? Though, I do want to point out that I’m in the minority here, so I think that counts as a microaggression.

Cane: Hey man, you need to quit it with that ninja, appearing shit you be doing.
Mecca: Or maybe you need to be better aware of your surroundings.