New Territory - Power Book III: Raising Kanan
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One of Raq's men transports product in a truck to New Jersey but is ambushed by Sal Bosell's men.

Raq goes to Cartier's art gallery, and she discovers he uses the gallery to clean his money.

Kanan goes to see Defcon's uncle, who assures him he is his father.

Lou-Lou finds out that Crown had to sell their mixing board to make ends meet.

Jukebox goes to see Kenya, and Kenya tells her why she left her when she was a baby. She also wants Jukebox to be a part of her life now. B

Kanan steals money from the business while Raq, Lou-Lou, and Marvin discuss the situation with the Italians. Raq asks for a meeting to be set up with them.

Unique goes to the bodega, effectively intimidating Juliana. Outside, he talks with Worrell.

Lou-Lou asks Raq for money, which he later uses to get a new mixing board with Cartier's help.

Kanan asks Raq why she asked him to kill Howard, and she reiterates that it was to keep him safe, as Howard was going to arrest him for Buck Twenty's murder.

At the meeting with Boselli and his men, Boselli gives her a number he wants in return for her pushing product there, but Raq rejects it.

Kanan uses the money he took to pay for a party at Famous's new apartment, where he meets neighbor Corinne and her mother, Palomar.

Raq goes house hunting, and she has Symphony come along. He later asks her to leave him alone and let him go.

Unique informs someone about the buses Raq will use to transport product into New Jersey before Burke stops by the tailors and tells him that she has her eye on him.

Worrell takes the bus into Newark and is ambushed by Boselli's men.

Kanan goes to Howard's house, and unbeknownst to him, Raq follows him.



Power Book III: Raising Kanan
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Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Marvin: I told you movin' to Jersey gonna be a problem.
Lou-Lou: Being on the wrong side of them Italians is not a place we want to be, Raq.
Marvin: Them Italians don't play.

I hope the shit was worth it, 'cause the whole fucking world done blowed up while you trading stories with bitch-ass Vernon.