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Tommy calls Vic, who denies being the one to shoot at him and D-Mac.

Tommy and the Serbs prepare for war, while the Flynn's and the Four Horsemen do the same.

Jenard calls Diamond while he's at the barbershop. Sensing a setup, Diamond hustles Adrienne outside, and they watch as Blaxton and others arrive at the shop with guns.

The Irish hang out at the bar, and one of the Horsemen is seduced by a woman who takes him out to the back alley. While in the alley, Tommy slices his throat. Flynn then proclaims that he's taking over.

While visiting D-Mac at the hospital, Tommy tells JP he doesn't want D-Mac in this life. When Tommy goes to Miriam's house to retrieve some paperwork for JP, he is surprised to see Kate there. She then insists on meeting her grandson.

As Jenard tries to find Blaxton, he's shown being tortured by Diamond. When Diamond presses him to reveal who ordered the hit, Blaxton tells him it was Jenard. Diamond then shoots Blaxton in the head.

The Horsemen tell Flynn that Dublin is not happy. Claudia tells them that Tommy makes dahlia, and she knows the lab he will be at, so they can plan an ambush.

Jenard comes home to Blaxton's dead body on his dining room table.

Tommy and the two Serbs with him prepare for the Irish arrival at the lab. Only Vic, Ioan, and Tommy make it out alive as the gunshots fall.

Tommy, Liliana, and Lauryn set up a new lab at a warehouse. But after Tommy leaves, Liliana gives Lauryn money and tells her to run.

Claudia gives Ioan a hit of dahlia and brokers a deal with him. If he backs her in taking over the family, she will get him in with dahlia. Later, Claudia and Ioan kidnap Lauryn and ask her what Tommy's weakness is.

Tommy brings Kate to meet JP and D-Mac. Tommy finds out from D-Mac about Jenard wanting him dead.

Jenard meets with Mirković and makes a deal with him. He'll give the Serbs back the pipeline and broker a truce with the Flynns if he pulls his support from Tommy. Mirković agrees to the deal.

Jenard goes to Walter with the proposed truce, which he accepts.

Tommy goes to Diamond, who agrees to help him with the Serbs.

JP gets kidnapped by the Flynns, and Claudia calls Tommy to tell him they will exchange JP's life for Tommy.

Claudia tells Jenard that dahlia is hers, and she will make him the distributor. She asks him if he thinks Tommy was behind the hit on Vic and Gloria, and he says no.

The two sides meet at a power plant, and Diamond brings Tommy out at gunpoint, telling the Flynn's and CBI that he wants Jenard in exchange for Tommy. A gunfight breaks out, and Diamond and Jenard tussle, but Diamond cannot kill Jenard. The two decide to split CBI territories in half.

Vic and Tommy fight, and Tommy holds Vic at gunpoint while Walter has JP.

Liliana is shot and killed by Claudia.

Vic learns that Gloria's death was not caused by Tommy but by Walter's revenge against the Serbs.

The FBI knows that there's a new player in the streets of Chicago, but they don't realize it's Tommy.

The Irish activity in Chicago sparks the interest of Blanca Rodriguez in New York.

Claudia and Vic vow to work together, while Diamond and Tommy spark up a tentative partnership. They both agree they are done with dahlia, and Tommy proclaims he wants to take over the whole map.


Power Book IV: Force
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Power Book IV: Force Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Adrienne: What would you have done if I wasn't here?
Diamond: Whatchu think? I'm taking you home.

Tommy: You ready for a war, kid?
Vic: Oh, it's war.