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Holly is being interrogated by Sax, while Angela and company look on. After being grilled by Sax and not revealing anything, Angela looks to dig deeper into her background and discovers she was the waitress shot at Truth on the same night that Nomar was killed. She also finds out that the warrant in Cleveland for her arrest has been voided.

Mike interrogates Holly and she doesn't incriminate herself or Tommy. Before she is to be brought to jail, she asks to go to the bathroom and is confronted by Angela. She recognizes Angela and informs her that Jamie is Ghost, not Tommy. In exchange for her freedom, Holly agrees to help Angela bring Ghost down. 

Later, Ghost waits for Angela at her apartment and Greg sees them together. 

Elsewhere, Lobos calls Ghost and tells him that he will be coming to town to collect his money sooner than expected. With more product to push and limited area to push it, Ghost asks Ruiz to take out the Serb and in exchange Ruiz will get his territory. After Tommy finds out, he suggests that they instead take the Serbs product, thus forcing the Serbs to work for them and avoiding a war. 

Tariq visits Ghost, without Tasha's knowledge, leading to a confrontation between the parents. Tasha tells him that he needs to tell Tariq the reason they are not together anymore. 

Ghost sees that Stern took credit for the success of the Vibe party and he goes to talk to him. Stern invites him to an exclusive party, which turns out to be a sex party. Ghost does not partake but he does issue his commitment to Stern and his brand. 

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Power Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

If she's in deep enough, we're not going to get anything. When you really love a guy, you stand by him, no matter what he's done. If Holly really loves Tommy, she's not going to say a word.

Angela [to Mike]

Angela: She came out of his apartment, it's personal. She is with Tommy, which makes her dangerous. She's not going to be a pushover.
Sax: Good, it's no fun if they don't make you work for it.