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Kanan visits an old acquaintance, who gives him a duffel bag full of money he left with her before he went to prison. 

Ghost fills Tasha in on what happed in Miami with red sneakers. 

Greg calls Angela from the scene of Q-Dubs murder and Angela wants to come to the scene. She isn't allowed but she does ask Greg to get surveillance footage from the surrounding streets to see if Tommy's car was there. Once she discovers that his car was there, she's able to present her case to the task force and Mike lets her back on the team. 

Shawn confronts Tasha about their mutual feelings for one another but she tells him she's not interested. He later goes to see Keisha and the two have sex. 

Holly complains to Tommy about being couped up in the house and he buys her a dog to keep her company. Later, Julio stops by and the two have a drink, which sparks Tommy's anger. Later, Ghost asks Holly to leave town, just before she is picked up and brought into custody by Greg, who is staking out Tommy's apartment. 

Kantos tells Ghost that they will be having a low level party at Truth and he will be in charge. With little to no budget, Ghost takes money from the drug business to entice people to show up and turn a bigger profit. 

Tasha finds out that Ghost took Angela to Miami and kicks him out of the house. She confides in Shawn and the two share a kiss. 

Kanan and Tommy meet with Dre and his crew, prompting Tommy to ask Ghost to give Dre's crew the RSK's old territory. Ghost agrees after a tense meeting with Kanan and later tells Tasha that he believes Kanan was responsible for all the hits and is out for revenge. 



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Power Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Tasha: So, that bitch that shot at you?
Ghost: She's dead.
Tasha: Same old Ghost. I love it when you take care of shit.

Ghost: You're the only person I can trust.
Tasha: Trust? Is that what we have, Ghost? Trust?