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Holly continues to try to get Tommy to kill Ghost, but he continues to deflect. 

Ghost and Angela talk about the issues plaguing their relationship, which prompts Ghost to seek a separation from Tasha. 

Ruiz arrive to testify and Proctor sees him, tipping off Ghost. Angela goes behind the task forces back and gets Ruiz to only rat out Lobos and no one else. 

Kanan threatens Dre's child and he agrees to help him bring down Ghost. 

Holly instructs the Jamaicans to kill Ghost, but they are gunned down by Ghost's personal security team before they can finish the job. 

Believing Ghost to be dead and Holly to have been behind the killing, Tommy explodes and kills Holly with his bare hands. Ghost comes over to kill Tommy thinking he was behind the hit, but he instead helps Tommy dispose of the body. They then decide to work together to kill Lobos. 

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Power Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Whatever it is between you and Ghost, Tommy, it's not normal. It's not fucking normal the way you are.

Holly [to Tommy]

You failed me, Dre. You picked Ghost over me.