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Kanan is found to be alive and recovering in DC, thanks to his cousin, who is a dirty cop. She eventually finds out that Ghost was the one that hurt him and that Kanan killed Shawn. 

Tasha helps Tommy and Holly cover the drug funds by using Keisha's hair salon. 

Holly discovers she's pregnant. 

Ghost tries to take business away from the rival club owners across the street. 

Angela discovers that Greg is following her and Ghost. He shows her a picture of Ghost visiting Tommy's apartment. 

Tariq gets busted at school with Angela's gun. Tasha tells Ghost that they kids can no longer stay at Angela's.

Ghost meets with Tommy and wants them to team up to bring Lobos down, but Tommy says no. 

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Power Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Well, we'll have everything we want. Because where there's a will, there's a way. And you and me are the most willful motherfuckers I ever met.

Ghost [to Angela]

Keisha: Hold up. Ain't that the bitch who stole your earrings?
Tahsa: Keisha...
Keisha: Don't Keish me. You're the one that brought her in here.
Tasha: It's fine.
Keisha: I'm telling you right now, if that bitch tries to steal a motherfucking thing out this shop, I'm beat her flat ass.
Tasha: Okay.

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