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Angela goes to Sandoval with her suspicions of Ghost's innocence, but he blows her off. She later meets with Ghost to further discuss what happened the night Knox was murdered. 

With a RICO case potentially looming, Silver tells Tasha that she may have to take the stand in order to wave spousal privilege. In court, Ghost gets on the stand instead and is embarrassed by the defense. 

The Marshall that has been harassing Ghost is set up by Teresi to antagonize Ghost, but during their encounter Ghost loses his cool and murders him. Teresi then comes in and murders the man he sent in to attack Ghost. The two of them clean up the mess so that it appears to be a murder-suicide. 

Angela takes the stand for the defense and shows the incompetency of the prosecutions work. The judge in turn dismisses the charge against Ghost and sets him free. 

With Ghost now free, LaVerne returns to scoop up Tariq so she and Kanan can continue to go through with their plan of robbing Ghost. 

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