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Released from prison, Ghost goes to work at Truth and runs into Simon Stern. Simon tells him about the loan he gave to Tasha and offers to forgive it if Ghost will go into a real estate deal with him. 

Julio confronts Dre over seeing him with Kanan. And Dre in turn sets him up to be killed by his old gang. 

In Chicago, Tommy meets the cartel leader, Jason. He tells him that he would like Ghost to be eliminated permanently. Later at a celebration for Tommy, Jason kidnaps Tommy and brings him to the woods to murder him for the death of Milan. Tommy is able to push the blame onto Petar and he is killed instead. 

Kanan confronts Ghost and tells him that Tariq has been kidnapped and will only be returned if Ghost gives him money. Ghost takes him to Tommy's warehouse which they rob. They bring the money to LaVerne who forces Kanan to come clean about who he is and what happened with Shawn. 

Kanan catches LaVerne off guard and kills her before escaping with the money. 

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Power Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Jason, um, all respect alright, but I've been down this road before. I'm not gonna kill Ghost. It's just not gonna happen, alright?


I was thinking that we could start over.

Ghost [to Tasha]