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Dre, Julio and Keisha are all brought in for questioning. 

Ghost meets the new lawyer on his team, Terry Silver, who is tasked with getting the proof that the illegal traffic stop of Ghost by Agent Knox occurred on the night of his murder. 

Angela is looking to break spousal privilege so that Tasha will have to testify against Ghost or risk going to jail. 

Tariq continues helping Kanan with his robbery business. 

Knox's mentor Bailey Markham comes back with his sole purpose being to clear Knox's name and prove that Angela was the mole in the agency. 

Proctor is able to get the DNA evidence against Ghost thrown out. 

Tommy executes his plan to fool the FEDS who have eyes on him so he can continue to push product. 

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Power Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

I'm not here to judge your innocence, brother. I'm here to save your life.

Terry [to Ghost]

Yeah, I don't know if they blame you, but I do.

Bailey [to Angela]