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Ghost gets put behind bars, while Tasha frantically tries to reach him about Tariq's disappearance. Ghost calls Proctor, who proceeds to call Tasha and task her with getting together bail money. 

Tommy goes to Dre in hopes he can help him find Tariq. Dre goes and retrieves Tariq from Kanan, who realizes it is not in his best interest to kill Tariq right now. Dre brings Tariq home but fails to tell Tommy the truth about who he was with. 

While trying to get the bail money together, Tasha realizes that there is no 'clean money' to use. Ghost tells her to get the money back from Dean and Tommy talks to the Serbs and arranges for them to give Ghost his money back from the security firm. 

A new prosecutor is brought on to oppose Proctor and while the two spar in court over bail, ultimately the judge denied the request leaving Ghost behind bars. 

It is revealed that Tommy has been hiding Keisha after the threat on her life from Milan. 

Ghost is assaulted by two prison guards for being a 'cop killer'. 

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Power Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Tommy: Besides if he was still alive he would have shot us all by now. I mean unless he found Jesus and got a complete personality transplant.
Tasha: Are you sure?
Tommy: Yeah I'm sure. Kanan is dead.

Listen to me very carefully, your husband has just been through the most humiliating process a man ever faces. All because of his girlfriend.

Proctor [to Tasha]