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Ghost meets up with Tommy and tells him about the Kanan situation. Tariq continues to cover for Dre and says that he did not know Kanan was alive. 

Dre and Tommy meet and discover Julio's body. Tommy appoints Dre the new distro and asks for a meeting with the Jimenez's. 

Ghost agrees to a primetime interview to help repair his public image. 

Silver and Tasha take their relationship to the next level. 

Ghost meets with Proctor and finds out about Tommy killing Bailey. Later, Mak goes to Proctor and tells him that he thinks Proctor was involved in Bailey's disappearance. 

Angela and Donovan work to find out who the mole is, while Sandoval and Sax bring their theory about Donovan being the mole to Mak. Later, Angela and Donovan discover the surveillance tape of Sandoval walking upstairs towards Ghost's office the day of the raid. 

Tommy calls Teresi as Ghost instructed him to and Teresi reveals to him that he is his father. 

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