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Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan discuss how to bring the Jimenez and Dre down. Later, Tommy asks Ghost if he can launder money through Truth but Ghost declines until he realizes he will need clean money to invest in the building with Rashad. 

Blanca gets more information connecting Angela to the Ray Ray murder and she talks to her about Raina's connection to the dead cop. She later gets Jerry to put a federal injunction on Blanca's case. 

Kanan talks to 2-Bit about Dre and then he robs Cristobal so he can pay Tommy for product to move. 

Mak and Saxe go to Teresi to make a deal for his release in exchange for information on Tommy but Teresi had already made moves to secure his release by handing over information about Tommy. 

Tasha realizes that Ghost killed the drunk driver and confronts him. 

Ghost and Rashad meet with a potential investor but she isn't interested. Ghost later has dinner with the investor and the two have sex, but he later realizes she tricked him and now sees him as unprofessional. 

Diego attends one of Dre's meetings and watches as Arturo executes men he believed were loyal to the man who killed his cousin. He also makes Cristobal his number two man. 

Angela moves forward with her case against the Jimenez. 

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Power Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Tommy: Killing the Jimenez should be our top priority.
Ghost: No, I'd rather shoot Dre in the face.

I got a question for you. Why you can't stay off the fucking tv? I mean, you do understand the concept of being a criminal, right Ghost?