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Vincent confronts Tommy and Sammy about the drive by and whether or not they lied to him about killing Dre previously. Tommy admits the truth and Vincent forces Teresi to kill either Tommy or Sammy. Teresi chooses to shoot Sam, but the gun isn't loaded. 

Angela confronts Tameika about the tracking device on Tommy's car and Tameika tells Mak and Saxe that they have until the end of the week to get something concrete on Tommy or she's pulling the plug on their case. 

Kanan continues planting seeds of doubt about Ghost to Tommy. 

Kanan meets a drug addict who knows the locations of some of the Tianos and he kills them to create a rift between Dre and Cristobal. However, Dre uses the killings to convince Diego that it's Ghost and Tommy, causing Diego to want to take them out. 

Rashad officially makes Dre the face of QCP, but Ghost gets Dre fired from his club and holds the last fundraising event at Truth. Ghost gets very drunk and causes a scene when he attacks Rashad.

Angela gets Proctor to arrange a meeting with Tommy, in which she offers him a deal in exchange for helping her bring down the Jimenez, as she believes he is their connect. 

After failing to show up at Tariq's birthday party, Ghost comes home intoxicated and Tariq confronts him about all the lies he has told him his whole life. 

Teresi tells Mak and Saxe that Tommy is laundering money through Ghost's club. 

Tasha kicks Ghost out of his penthouse and he goes to Angela's apartment. 

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Power Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Ghost: When you're around him, forget you know me, okay?
Tommy: Be like a dream come true.

Dre's ass gets dropped today.