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Ghost finds out Teresi is free and warns Tommy not to tell him anything about their business. 

At a fundraiser for the Queens Children's Project, Ghost gives a speech but thinks he sees Raina in the crowd. Later, Rashad reaches out to Dre to be the new face of the project. 

Tasha decides to leave Ghost and the penthouse. 

Mak gets Proctor's apartment searched, as that is the last known place Bailey Markham was seen. 

Angela and Medina get the Jimenez location thanks to Arturo and arrest Alicia and Diego. However, Steve comes in with the authority to get them released, as his boss wants the case against the Jimenez to be ironclad before it is brought to trial. 

Kanan hires men to scare Tommy and the Italians by firing blanks in a drive-by, but the men fire real bullets at them and then Kanan rescues Tommy and the other men by killing the hitters. 

Angela calls Ghost to meet up. 

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Power Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

I'll find the Jimenez my goddamn self.


He's been your fucking family for fifteen minutes. I've been your family your whole goddamn life.

Ghost [to Tommy]