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While Kanan's death is broadcast all over the news, Ghost, Tommy, and Tasha discuss what happened. Tariq joins them and proclaims that he is the reason they all won this particular battle. 

Later, Ghost takes him to the train station to go back to school but he stays in New York instead and forms a tenuous partnership with Vincent so he can push the product Kanan left him. 

Tameka asks the team to let the Angela case go but Mak and Saxe continue to push both Teresi and Proctor for information.

After Diego's death, Alicia promotes Cristobal and demotes Dre. Pushing to bring down Alicia, Angela goes to Dre and tells him she will get him witness protection if he gives up Alicia. 

Dre baits Cristobal into revealing Alicia's location and the Feds arrest both Alicia and Cristobal, making this the biggest bust of Angela's career. 

When there are issues moving product into the prison system, Sammy thinks Tommy is the problem and he asks Teresi to turn him in now. Teresi seems to go along with the plan, but when he talks to Mak and Saxe, he tells them that Ghost is the one who ordered Sandoval's death, not Tommy. Sammy overhears the conversation and when he goes to confront Teresi and tell Tommy the truth, Teresi kills him. 

Mak tells Angela that their informant is Teresi and she brings the information and pictures of him meeting with Mak and Saxe to Ghost. He brings that information to Vincent and asks him to tell Tommy. 

Proctor wears a wire to a conversation with Ghost in which he is tasked with getting him to incriminate Angela. However, he tells Ghost that he is wearing a wire. 

After Vincent tells Tommy that Teresi is the rat, Tommy allows Teresi to see Connie one last time before killing him. 

The Feds tell Angela that they told her about Teresi to test her and they are now charging her with conspiracy. 


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Power Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Ghost: What do you want from me, Tariq, huh? What do you want from me, boy?
Tariq: Teach me the motherfucking game, Ghost.

Ghost: And family doesn't go behind each others back.
Tommy: You, you're kidding with that shit, right?