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Tasha resumes her relationship with Q and finds a gun in his apartment. Later, she tells Tariq that Ghost is going to jail for the murder of Terry Silver. 

The next morning, the two see that Ghost will be announced as Lt. Governor. As the day plays out, Tariq meets with Elisa Marie and her aunt before warning Tommy about them, and he also meets with Dre who gives him a gun in exchange for a meeting with Ghost. 

Tasha and Ghost have a confrontation at Raina's grave where he tells her that he intends to take Tariq and Yas with him to Albany. 

Tommy confronts Tasha about killing Keisha but ultimately lets her live. 

While Dre and Ghost talk, Tariq stashes the gun Dre gave him there. 

Saxe and Tameka tell Tasha to secure Tate, so she goes to him and he tells her that Ghost plans on turning Tariq in. Later, Tasha and Ghost meet at the penthouse and Ghost tells her that Tariq should confess to killing Ray-Ray and clean up his own mess. 

Tasha comes up with a plan to kill Ghost that night at Truth by getting Q to drive her to the club, where she will hide in the backseat of his car and then shoot him. 

Tariq goes to Truth but leaves to meet Tommy, who tells him he wants his help in setting a trap for Dre. Tariq declines and tells Vincent where to find Tommy. When it returns to Truth he sees a vision of Kanan who tells him he needs to deal with Ghost himself. 

Tariq ultimately shoots Ghost seconds before Tasha arrives, having realized what Tariq was about to do. He orders her to get rid of the gun, as they can place the blame on Dre. When he checks on Ghost over the banister, Tommy sees him but Ghost tells him not to shoot. 

On his way out of the club, Tariq spots Saxe there with a gun. 

When Tasha and company meet with the lawyer after Ghost's death, it's revealed that Ghost left everything to the children and nothing to Tasha. But Tariq is unable to claim any of it until after he completes 4 years of college and maintains a 3.5 GPA. 

Blanca and Saxe bring Tasha and Tariq in for questioning and Tariq tells Saxe to go along with the theory of Dre killing Ghost or he will tell everyone that he saw Saxe at the scene with a gun. 

Tasha meets with Stern and gets Tariq early acceptance into college and also learns that Dre has been killed. She then frames Q for Ghost's murder by calling in an anonymous tip to the police about Q having the gun that killed Ghost at his apartment. 

Soon thereafter Blanca comes to arrest Tasha, informing her that Q told them what happened and security footage confirms he was not at Truth when Ghost was killed. 

Subsequently, Tasha is arrested, while Tariq enrolls himself in college. 

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Power Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Ghost: Look, I apologize about the other night okay? You made me lose my temper. I won't do it again, but you shouldn't run your mouth off to your son. It's your fault he hates me.
Tasha: My fault? Oh, like it was Kanan's fault before that? Maybe Tariq hates you because you hurt the people you love to get what you want.

Tariq: You snitched on Ghost? Ma, snitches ain't shit!
Tasha: Boy let me tell you something, sometimes you gotta turn somebody in to get them out your way. Your father taught me that.