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Ghost pulls a gun on Tariq and forces him to come clean about the things he's lied about. He also tells him he is no longer allowed to talk to Tommy. 

Tommy and Keisha argue over Tommy's relationship with Tariq and he gives her a gun to protect herself. Later, Keisha discovers there is product missing from Tommy's warehouse and argues with 2-Bit over it. After a brief encounter with Tariq, she figures out that he stole the product and tries to convince Tommy. 

Derek catches Tate and his wife Cassandra sleeping together. Ghost offers him a new job as project manager of the Queen City Project in exchange for his silence. 

Blanca discovers the recording of Lindsay's death and turns it over to Warner, who seeks to fire him and get him disbarred. 

Tariq tells Ghost that Keisha knows he stole the product from Tommy leading him to try to pay her to leave town. 

Tariq admits to Tommy that he stole the product and Tommy tells him they are no longer family. 

After being fired by Tommy, Spanky and 2-Bit devise a plan to scare Keisha so she will leave the business, and they also kidnap Dre and bring him to Tommy.

Tommy discovers that Ghost set up a meeting between Dre and Jason and he shows up in his place. Jason then forces the two of them to work together. 

Dre escapes and kills BG. 

Tasha agrees to help Tariq learn the drug business. 


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Power Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Tariq: Uncle Tommy did all this.
Ghost: Yeah. With your help, son.

Keep thinking you're fucking smarter than me. Don't ever make that mistake again, son.

Ghost [to Tariq]