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Tate makes a call to a father and son hitman duo, Croop and Carter, and tells them to come to New York for a job. 

After a heavy night of drinking, Tate wakes up at his brother Kamaal's house and sees on the news that Ghost is running with Lorette Walsh. Later, Tate crashes a meeting between Lorette, Steven, and Ramona. 

Blanca and Saxe visit Tate and ask for his help in bringing down Ghost. Due to this, Tate tells Croop and Carter he no longer needs them, but they insist they are either killing him or the mark. 

Tate tries to warn Ghost about the hitman, but after Ghost chastizes him, he remains silent. 

Croop and Carter tail Ghost and follow him to his meeting with Tommy. Croop is killed by Tommy and Carter barely escapes. 

Dre tells Tate about Tariq's involvement in Ray Ray's murder, leading Tate to go to Tasha and tell her that Ghost is planning on throwing Tariq under the bus. 

Carter ambushes Tate outside of Kamaal's house and threatens him with a gun, but Kamaal shots him before he hurts anyone. 

Tate meets with Dre and gives him his new identity and asks him to kill Ghost. 

Kamaal and Tate go to the police station to give a statement about the shooting, and while there the call comes into the station regarding the shooting at Truth. On the way to the club, Tate tells his brother that it may have been Dre trying to kill Ghost. 

Tate heads towards the crime scene and is approached by the press who informs him that Ghost has been killed. 

The next morning, Steven and Lorette ask Tate to join her ticket but he declines and tells them he wants the Democratic nomination, which Steven agrees with. 

Tate tells the press about Ramona and Ghost's relationship and she confronts him in his hotel room. After she leaves, he sees on the news that Ghost's killer has been arrested. 

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Power Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

Rashad: Certain things even I can't pull off. Political comeback for me right now is impossible.
Reverend Macedon: No, that's where you're wrong. Book of Luke says, 'What's impossible with man, is possible with God.'
Rashad: Then tell the good Lord to get off his ass and send me a miracle.

Rashad: Look Maal, there's nothing wrong with me wanting to win.
Kamaal: Not if you really in it to help the people. But if you just looking to clap back at St. Ptarick, that's just about your bruised ego.