Teddy Enters a Contest - Powerless
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Emily and Teddy think about entering one of his inventions into a contest, but he backs out at the last second. Emily submits it anyway, and when Teddy finds out she tells him that they were the finalists.

Teddy doesn't end up winning, and when Emily goes to talk to him she ends up in the middle of a family gathering. Turns out Teddy's brother is a doctor and an astronaut, while his parents are disappointed that he isn't like him.

Teddy decides that the contest was rigged because the gloves he created were perfect, while Emily tries to snap him out of his annoyed and quiet state. This escalates into them fighting and Emily saying that they wouldn't be a group of nobodies if they had people like Teddy's brother working for them.

They talk about what it feels like to be nobodies and smooth things over. Crimson Fox then asks to take his gloves to solve crime, making his invention famous.

Meanwhile, Ron helps Van build a toy car for the son of a woman he's going out with. But with Van being his demanding self, Ron has to learn how to set boundaries with him. When Van asks for Ron to build him even more things, he tells him no and hangs up.

Van tells Ron that he is sorry, sharing a piece of his past with him only to reveal once Ron leaves that he was lying.                                         

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Powerless Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Cold season is impossible to dress for, it's like a wedding on the beach.


Those are instructions, it's in pieces because you have to put it together.