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Jesse goes back to where Eugene disappeared. He picks up the program and walks away. 

Jesse is giving his Sunday sermon. The church is filled inside and people are seated outside. There is an empty seat next to Sheriff Root where Eugene should be sitting.  Tulip is there too, sitting in a pew with her feet up.

After church, Tulip starts putting chairs away.

At Odin's office he is listening to slaughter sounds.

Flashback to Tulip and Jesse outside principal's office where they are busted for beating up another kid. Jesse's dad takes Tulip home because her mom's in jail, and her uncle is drunk.

In the present, Tulip is running barefoot after a bunch of kids who stole her drunk uncle's pants. Her uncle is passed out on the front steps of his house. She gets the pants back.

Cassidy tells Preacher he saw what happened with Eugene. Jesse walks away. Tulip walks in and says she's making dinner. Her and Cassidy have a conversation about their tryst. Cassidy tells Tulip about Jesse's powers.

Flashback to Preacher dad calling human services for them to take Tulip away. Jesse is not happy and chases the car down the road. That night Jesse prays his father dies and goes to hell.

In the present there is practice for a play that Emily is directing. Jesse watches.  Odin shows up and tells Jesse he wants the land he promised when he was asked to attend church. Jesse says no.

Emily and Cassidy are outside. She asks about Jesse. Dinner is ready. It's an awkward dinner as Jesse barely says a word. 

Sheriff Root comes in and asks about Eugene. Jesse claims he doesn't know anything. Emily speaks up, but then backs up Jesse.

The fire alarm goes off as the oven catches fire inside like the fires of hell.

Jesse leaves and Cassidy follows.Jesse tells him the story of Eugene and Tracy Loach. Jesse is not sorry about what happened to Eugene. Cassidy wants Jesse to save him with the fire extinguisher as he walks into the sun. He's testing his friendship.

It's unclear if Jesse does, because he walks back in without Cassidy and only the extinguisher which he puts at Cassidy's place.

Tulip asks where Cassidy is and he insults her. She leaves. Then Emily speaks up and he calls her stupid. She leaves.

Flashback to Jesse's dad being taken by men and then killed in front of him.

Jesse goes back to the church and breaks into the floor where Eugene disappeared looking and screaming for him.

Outside, Odin and his men are coming up the path intent on taking the property he feels is owed him.


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Preacher Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Young Jesse: Tulip bit him, but that's because he called her a piece of trash. And, it was an accident, right? You thought you were just biting his shirt, and your mouth slipped.
Young Tulip: Mmm hmm.

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