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Tulip is talking to Dani who wants her to kill her husband, but Tulip says she won't. Tulip gives her the map she got off the guy in the cornfield and in turn Dani gives her a piece of paper with someone's last known address.

Tulip has a flashback to the incident in question of a guy making a getaway and leaving her behind.

In HOUSTON says a placard, Dani goes into a movie theater and gives a guy the map. He waves her off. The guy in a white suit and hat leaves the theater.

DeBlanc and Fiore are talking to Sheriff Root about their mission. Root believes all of it and he leaves. They pull out their weapons and decide to go after the can they left behind at the church.

Tracy has opened her eyes, but nothing else. The mom is a bit freaked out and talks to Emily about it.

Donnie walks his son to the bus stop. The boy is afraid, but Donnie doesn't do anything. He tells him the sounds he hears is not of him beating up his mother. The boy tells him about the kids calling him "Bunny Man." When he gets the kids to the bus, they start calling him that.

There's a banging on the church doors. Cassidy gets up to open them and sees a coffin in front of the church. Emily is behind him and scares him. She wants him to get rid of the coffin and he goes to get the keys from the closet. He sees Jesse sitting in a lounge area. He's different.

A cop pulls Tulip over for speeding and she gives him a story and he lets her go.

Jesse is making Cassidy do all sorts of things like hop and jump in order to explain what is going on.

Quincannon is in his office listening to the slaughter of cows.

Cassidy is trying to figure out what could be happening to Jesse. He comes up with several ideas, one of them being Jesse is a Jedi.

Jesse isn't thrilled about any of it and they talk about how long it's been going on. Jesse says it feels like there's a blender inside of him.

Donnie comes into Quincannon's office, but can't help him because his arm is broken and Quincannon sends him out.

Jesse is driving, looking out of it when Tulip drives up next to him. He pulls over. He tries to tell her about what's going on with him, but can't get the words out so she tells him about finding Carlos, the guy who abandoned them at a job. Jesse has a flashback about it where he kills a guy. Tulip wants him to come with to take the guy out. 

Tulip takes off, but it's unclear if Jesse is with him.

It's nighttime and DeBlanc and Fiore are walking towards the church. Cassidy drives a van into them, killing them. He goes inside to get a bag to stuff them in. He thinks they're clones when he recognizes they're the same guys from before.

While Cassidy is inside a bright light crosses the sky and he hears something inside the church. It's DeBlanc and Fiore still dressed in their World War II helmets. Cassidy can't believe it, but they tell him they're not here for him but for Jesse.

Tulip and Jesse are at a gas station. Jesse tries to tell Tulip what's going on, but he goes to the bathroom instead. Donnie is in there and makes Jesse kneel on the ground because he's going to shoot him, but Jesse uses his power to make Donnie put the gun in his mouth. Then he stops and sends Donnie away.

Jesse comes out of the bathroom and tells Tulip he's not going anywhere. Tulip is pissed.

At church, DeBlanc explains that they need what's inside Jesse. Cassidy agrees to help them.

Sheriff Root and Eugene are talking about what happened to Tracy Loach.

Jesse is performing a burial for Tim, the guy who cut out his heart. No one is there but Emily. When he says the dead will be raised a pipe vent  in the field opens and closes.

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Preacher Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

DeBlanc: If we fail, if our mission is unsuccessful, many will die.
Sheriff Root: Dear Lord.

That's the day, Dani. the day for Jesse and me. The day it all turned bad. And someone's gotta pay.