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Someone dredges up a wooden coffin from a swamp. A young Jesse is in the coffin, talks to a woman and then is put back in the box and back into the swamp. 

At the same swamp the truck where the Cowboy was put is being pulled out by Jesse and Tulip. They open the back and find the Saint of Killers are gone.

Lara and Hoover report to Herr Starr. They want to kill Custer and he changes the subject to tell Hoover he is not a homosexual. He shares his plan to make Jesse the Messiah and getting rid of Humperdoo.

Down in hell one of the inmates is taking a lie detector test to see if he really belongs in hell. He does. The demon lady gets a call from the Saint of Killers and they continue their quest.

Eugene and the guy from earlier talk about what's going to happen to the person who doesn't belong.

Denis is in his bedroom with a dog. Jesse and the others talk about the Saint of Killers being free. Jesse suggests they go on a vacation, but then says they need to find God first. Jesse tells them he met Jesus. Jesse and Tulip fight.  Jesse and Cassidy fight. Then Jesse has an epiphany about where God is as he's listening to the dark bark incessantly. He figures out it's the dog from the sex shop. He tells Jesse and Cassidy he knows where God is and Tulip and Cassidy refuse to go with him.

Jesse goes back to the place where he saw the dogman and he's gone.

In hell, the testing continues. Eugene and the other guy take Hitler down the hall to his cell.Hitler pulls out a lock pick from his ass and they go inside. Hitler is back in his hell and Eugene and the guy can see his hell. His lady friend urges him to see the gallery owner at another table and show him his artwork. The guy tells him his work is bland and not good enough for his talent. He goes back to his table. Communists enter the restaurant and start beating people. Hitler confronts one of the men and gives back the gun he lost. the restaurant people are disappointed as is the lady friend.

The lady friend tells Hitler she was with another man the previous day because he is ambitious and Hitler isn't. Then the last piece of plum cake is given to a Jewish man and he's upset.

Back at the main holding cell, Eugene asks Hitler about his memory. Hitler is going to help Eugene escape. It's Eugene's turn for the test. While Eugene is in there, Hitler goes off.

At the apartment, Tulip and Cassidy talk. Denis comes out with his dog. Tulip takes the SOK's guns to destroy them. She's going to take Jenny with her. When Tulip leaves, Denis figures out that Cassidy likes Tulip and says something else in French that pisses Cassidy off. He demands the dog.

Jesse confronts Herr Starr about Man Dog. Herr Starr doesn't think Jesse really wants God back, that what he really wants is forgiveness to for killing his father.

Herr Starr pulls out tapes of Jesse's prayers.

Tulip and Jenny go to the place to melt down the guns but Jesse's got to get rid of the bullets first. The guns won't shoot. The guy refuses to melt them then Jenny pulls a fast one and gets the guy to melt the guns, fully loaded.

Jenny and Tulip wait outside and talk about Jesse. They get called back in and the guy shows them that the gun doesn't melt and that it doesn't even get hot. The gun is indestructible.

Eugene is being tested when there is a distraction caused by Hitler which causes demon guard to go into the cell then Hitler goes into the testing room and opens the "back door". Eugene doesn't want to go and he shoves him in and jumps in himself. 

Tulip mails the guns somewhere.

Jesse is listening to his prayers and he hears himself asking for forgiveness for a variety of transgressions. Then the scene from the beginning of the show continues. Jesse is someone else. It's his grandma that is forcing him to pray to God. Jesse then uses Genesis and has Herr Starr shove the tapes up his ass. He leaves.

The postman picks up the mail. Herr Starr calls Hoover and tells him Jesse has refused to become God and they have to go to plan B. In a warehouse, there's another truck and a man leaves and runs. It looks like the truck with the SOK.





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Preacher Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Tulip: Why didn't you send him to hell?
Jesse: I couldn't do that to another soul.

The Messiah is a moron.

Herr Starr