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At Angelville High. The vice principal is talking to a kid about a student being obsessed with her. Wants help and asks for help from Jesse. He's collecting money for Grandma. He can't miss a payment. One week later, VP is short on money. Now he's being chased by TC, Jesse in a truck and Jesse's beating him up. Jody is there too. 

They attach the science teacher vp to a chair. Marie comes in and does something with a machine to the teacher while Jesse watches.

In India. Krishna Headquarters. The guy with the eyeball is there to meet the hari krishna.J

Jesse looks at the chair. Cassidy is taking care of Tulip. She remembers being with her family, but she doesn't remember much. She remembers the end. Jesse comes in to see. Cassidy isn't happy about Jesse being there.  "I'm glad you came back. Yeah, me too. To the end of the world. To the end of the world. quote 8.30.

Cassidy and Tulip tell Jesse the guys in the white coats killed Tulip. Jenny. 

Jesse goes into the road and tries to use his power, but it doesn't work. He calls for Herr Star and leaves a message. He wants his soul back.

Herr is at the Krishna. He takes out his gun and shoots all the Krishnas. They bring their guns out too and there's a gunfight. Herr gets bumped into and takes the guy out. He walks right up to Krishna. Swami does some crazy gyrations and Herr Star kicks him in the balls. He's writhing on the ground. Star gets Jesse's message.

He went there to get Krishna onboard to follow humperdoo. He refuses and Starr kills him.B

Back at the house, Jesse and Cassidy are talking. He wants Cassidy to leave and he says he's not leaving without Tulip. Grandma rolls in and wants to talk to Jesse

Cassidy and TC are talking. He offers Cassidy drugs. Tulips' upstairs drinking and looking at her gun. She's looking at a stuffed dog and she remembers the dog god from beyond. Jesse and Grandma are talking. She says Jesse owes her a lot of souls. "You never know what a person will say 'til you ask em right. - Jesse.

Tulip is drinking and doing target practice. Jody blows the fence down. Everyone keeps asking her what it was like. She remembers the dog but isn't telling anyone.

She's impressed with his gun. She was about to take a shot and saw something through the site. It was Featherstone and now they're fighting. Tulip beat the crap outta her. "It's good to be alive." Tulip.

TC and Cassidy are doing drugs and swapping stories. Jesse walks in asking for tulip. Jesse makes her stop. She won't answer Jesse's question and Tulip punches her again. Grandma comes and they tell her they shot tulip. She says to take Jody and to go shoot them and kill them.

Jesse asks Jody about the meat grinder. They take Featherstone and the other guy to the grinder. Featherstone starts to sing onward Christian soldier. "yeah, but I heated it up. That sanitizes things, don't it? Cassidy. 25

Jesse lets featherstone go so they can tell star nothings has changed. Tulip watched him let them go. He explains everything to Tulilp. Jesse just wants his soul back so he can beat them all. Tulip and Cassidy are on board. They make a toy car bomb and started killing people. Cassidy suggested he and Tulip leave town. Tulip refuses. Jesse gave up his soul for them.

Granma claims to have loved Jesse's mother. He doesn't believe her. Jesse leaves to go see come guys coming to visit.TC

 and Jody is giving Tulip and Cassidy guns. Tulip and Cassidy are ready to shoot the guys who want to kill Jesse. Jesse goes back to the house and Starr shows up. "I got your message." Star.

Gunfight between Tulip, Cassidy, TC, Jody and the other guys.

Jesse wants his soul back and Star wants to know if they should talk about their problems. Jesse eats his soul and he's got his power back. He tells him to get on his knees and kiss his ring.

He didn't really give him his soul back. It was a genetically engineered soul. Cassidy is shot. He tells Tulip she smelled when she was dead. She tells him she loves him, but she doesn't mean it like that.

Herr wants Jesse to be the Messiah. His soul is in Herr's car. Jesse leaves with Herr. Tulip walks into the kitchen. She sees the empty tube. She sees Star and Jesse leaving. She remembers God saying "I need to get them sonsabitches."

Grandma's looking for Jesse. She strangles him with a spell. Tulip messes everything

up by shooting the people in white. Jesse is trapped there and now doesn't have his soul. Grandma eats souls.

Tulip sticks up for Jesse with Cassidy "I'm gonna get outta here you know. I know you're gonna try. Grandma and Jesse.

Jesse goes to a cabin and down into a basement. He starts cleaning the floor. There's somebody chained up down there and asks for his help. He says he can't help. 

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Preacher Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

You never know what a person'll say, 'til you ask 'em right.


It's good to be alive.