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Jesse grabs Starr's gun in the elevator, shoots one of the guards, and fights the rest of the guards (after pushing Starr out of the elevator toward Allfather.) Jesse killed all the guards, asked where his soul is, and then shot him.

He gives Starr the gun and points it at Jesse. "I have him, Allfather." - Starr

Allfather orders Jesse unharmed because he has Genesis. 

TC tells Grandma they're back from Osaka. She looks pasty white. Featherstone is dead, and Tulip and Jody are in the hall.

She walks outside. Boyd is waiting. Tulip slams the door on her. Jesse appears. It's a nightmare. Grandma wakes up terrified. She picks up the phone.

Cassidy is standing on the street with the main vampire. They call a cab. Cassidy keeps calling the girl vampire the leader killed, but is getting no answer. Cassidy is getting a clue. The driver of the car is Hoover.

Hoover gets his equipment ready to get the vamp, and his car is surrounded. They didn't fall for his trick.

At Grandma's the doorbell is ringing, and TC is looking at the door. It's the devil, and he's come to visit because Grandma called him. She wants him to kill Tulip; he wants her to come to Hell. The devil gave her the power she has. She eats souls to stay young, and when she dies, the devil gets her.

"Have you been having bad dreams again?" Devil. She wants a new deal with the devil. He's listening. She tells the devil that Jesse has something that he might want. 

In Osaka, Jody, Tulip, and Featherstone are getting ready to hit the bank. They walk in with their briefcases.

Back with Jesse, the Allfather pulls out the bullet. Allfather says they're taking Genesis. Jesse believes he's been chosen for Genesis. Allfather thinks he's a fool. They open the door and strap Jesse to a board. 

Starr has given Jesse a gun. He tells him to shoot Allfather in the head. "Don't tell me. You're gonna sing me a lullaby." Jesse

Allfather plans to shock Genesis out of Jesse. They attach a hose to his belly. He wants to get Genesis for Humperdoo. They took Genesis out and shot it right into Humperdoo. He exploded! 

Genesis went right back to Jesse. They clean off all the blood and bring in another Humperdoo. 

Jody and Tulip are playing a part. The three of them are doing a skit to teach the Japanese employees about sexual harassment. They bring the Japanese employee up to do the skit.

Tulip pickpocketed the employee. Tulip: You know there are easier ways to do this, right? Featherstone: I'm sure there are. I just wanted to make you grab that guy's ass.

Back in Hell, the Devil returns and gives his assistant a job. He orders her to bring Tulip to him.

No matter how many Humperdoos they bring in, they all keep exploding. Dr. Slotnick has been working on genetic cocktails. She is trying to mix DNA to get the right combination of good and bad so that the host will have the right proportions.

Starr won't help Jesse get the gun out of his pocket and shot Allfather. Starr gets a text from Hoover with different pictures, saying they will kill him if he doesn't come. Starr says to go ahead and kill him.

They're texting back and forth about killing Hoover. The vampires are trying to decide how to kill Hoover. They're going to kill him with a cage of bees.

The leader asks why they want to kill Hoover. He wants to give Hoover a chance to become a vampire. 

In Japan, Tulip and Featherstone enter the room using the stolen keycard. They're egging on security. But Jody is at the door. He takes care of security. Tulip tries to break in and gets shocked. 

Featherstone is trying to break into the mainframe. Tulip throws her gun and breaks into the safe with it. 

They both enter the safe, and it's a ton of souls.

Hoover chooses to be a vampire. He doesn't want to die. Cassidy turns him. Hoover's now a vampire.

Cassidy tries to fly, but he can't. He knows he's keeping a secret. 

Tulip and Featherstone are collecting all the souls. They get them and leave. Jody gets a call from Grandma. He tells her they got the souls. She gives him instructions. The devil's assistant is there.

They're arriving in New Orleans. The assistant stops Tulip says she's not Tulip and sicks the lady on Featherstone. Tulip doesn't have the souls; she has the laptop. Jody knew what was happening. Featherstone's being taken to Hell with the souls.

"I've given you a second chance here. Don't be a dick." Cassidy.

Cassidy discovers evidence that the vamp is killing vampires. He's about to kill Hoover when Cassidy shows up. He attacks Cassidy, and Hoover escapes. Cassidy is knocked out.

Starr was going to help Jesse, but he was sent out for benefits. Star leaves, they take Genesis once more and put it in Humperdoo after they inject him with the Tom/Brady combination. The doctor killed Humperdoo. Genesis went back into Jesse, and now they're going to bring in the real Messiah.

Eugene says God has a plan. The assistant arrives with Featherstone at the bus stop. Hitler texts a friend for help.

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Preacher Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

I have him, Allfather.


Have you been having bad dreams again?