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After the “evidence” from last week turned about to be fake, Spencer becomes the focus of police suspicion on this week’s episode. Anticipating a possible frame-up, Spencer launches her own investigation, leading her to the infamous room 214 at the motel. However, even after she and Toby spend all night at the motel, they find out the room was just set up by A. Spencer returns home to find the police are there to question her about her involvement with Ian, making her a person of interest in the death of Allison.

Although Paige continues to avoid Emily, she eventually meets up with her at a karaoke bar far from town. The two have a great time together, but Paige wants to keep their relationship a secret, which isn’t enough for Emily. The two decide to be friends.

Ezra’s increased attention to Jenna and her poignant short story about losing her sight make Aria nervous and jealous. Eventually, she comes clean about her involvement in the accident that left Jenna blind, but Ezra still cares very deeply for her.

Caleb’s stay at Hanna’s house ends abruptly when her mother discovers his bag. Hanna disregards her mother’s concerns and spends the night with him in his tent. Once her mother finally relents and lets Caleb stay in the guest room, he makes a call to mysterious someone to call off their arrangement. 

Pretty Little Liars
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