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The girls attempt to identify the shadowy figure in the picture, which leads to more interactions with Ali’s brother Jason. Jason’s P.I. reveals that the picture is real, and Spencer finds out that Ian spent that fateful summer getting high with Jason at Ali’s home. This information leads Spencer to admit to her friends that she is the figure following Ali because the two had an awful fight the night Ali forced her to tell Melissa about the kiss she shared with Ian.

Meanwhile, Hanna’s mother is in real danger when Mrs. Potter, the “lender” of the secret loan, makes an unexpected appointment with her. Desperate to help her mother replace the last of the money, Hanna performs another one of A’s tasks, which almost has serious consequences for Aria. Ezra and Aria plan on attending an artist opening in Philadelphia, and Hanna gives Aria’s mother a ticket to the same show. However, Ella Montgomery’s car breaks down and she ends up in a romantic embrace with her estranged husband when he drives her to Philly. Ultimately, Hanna’s mother is saved from trouble when Mrs. Potter dies suddenly.

Emily devotes more attention to swimming, which her coach and team captain Paige notice. Paige’s jealousy over Emily’s success on the team causes problems for Emily, especially when she takes Paige’s spot on the relay team. Paige menacingly holds Emily’s head underwater before letting her up and threatening her.

Also, Spencer finds the location were the fake “Alison” bracelet was made, but finds out the purchaser was Spencer Hastings. Later, the owner of the shop is seen talking to a unseen person, saying she only said what she was told to say.  

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