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The winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars picks up right where the series left off. Hannah is loaded into an ambulance after being struck by car and, as the girls watch the vehicle depart, Aria notices that Noel is actually at the camp ground. No one knows who hit Hannah, but because Toby was already in police custody, he is not a suspect.

Although suffering from a broken leg, bruised ribs, and a damaged spleen, Hannah regains consciousness and tells the girls that she believes Noel is “A” because she saw him write “I See You” on the back of Mr. Fitz’s car. This leads to Aria’s revelation that she has been dating Ezra Fitz. Noel comes to visit Hannah and lies about his whereabouts that evening. Upon being confronted with this lie, he admits to Aria that he saw her get into Ezra’s car and wants to help her by going to the principal. Aria asks him to keep what he saw a secret and doesn’t tell Ezra that Noel knows about their relationship.

Spencer tells the girls about the tree marked “Allison and Ian”, but it’s gone by the time she returns to show it to Aria. She also finds out that Melissa and Ian have suddenly eloped. All of the girls are suspicious of Ian and his sudden return to town.

Meanwhile, Emily struggles to come to terms with her father’s return and Toby’s incarceration. She tries to get in contact with him, but both her parents and Jenna are standing in her way. She finally admits to herself and to her father that she is gay. Her mother doesn’t want to accept it, but her father seems more open to understanding her situation.

Hannah recuperates in the hospital with many visitors, including a vision of Allison who tells her she is really getting irritated with this bitch “A”. As the girls realize that “A” and Ali’s killer might be two different people, the girls notice a signature on Hannah’s leg. It says, “Sorry I lost my temper, my bad – A."

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Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

This is something that´s been going on? You and a teacher?


The past is forgotten. We are friends forever.


Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 11 Music

  Song Artist
Song Stay By Me Trent Dabbs
Song What's Going On Hayley Taylor